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"When is the Best Time to Capture Memorable Portraits of Your Child?"

The old school recommendations for photographing your child used to be 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year. But it’s 2024 and it feels like this needs an update so here are my recommendations.

Delaware Children Photographer


Personally, I just love this stage. They are really only newborns for such a short-time and that sleepy, scrunchy phase is just plain adorable. Between healing from labor and many sleepless nights, this phase can be a blur so I highly recommend capturing it with professional photographs.

6 Months or Sitting On Their Own

This is such fun stage. Usually babies aren’t very mobile yet, but they are quick to smile, laugh, and play. Their personality is just starting to shine through, and you don’t want to miss it.

One Year or Walking

One year or when they are just starting to walk is such an awesome milestone to capture. They have grown so much in the past 6 months. This also a great time to do a cake smash session!

Two Years Through Preschool

I recommend once a year for this age group. They’re growing into who they’re going to become. And year is a huge milestone and they can change so drastically in one year. Their interests can be fleeting so I recommend including some props to include what they are interested in at this moment in time.

Elementary School

Make sure to capture them with and without family at least a couple of times during this phase. They’re grown into their look, baby teeth are being lost, big teeth are coming in, and you don’t want to miss this phase. Your children will also cherish these images as they get older.

Middle School or Tweens

They aren’t little kids anymore, but not yet teenagers, and more often than not they have a set of braces on their teeth. This transitional phase doesn’t last long and It’s great to make them feel special with a session showing their interests and who they are.

High School or Teenagers

Don’t forget our teenagers! This is such an amazing time in their lives. The braces are off, and they may soon be flying the nest. They might have a million selfies of themselves, but don’t forget to capture this phase with a unique portrait session capturing them in the last phase of their childhood. I also highly recommend getting some family photos at this point.

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