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"5 Styling Tips for a Stunning Family Portrait Session in Delaware from a Delaware Family Photographer"

My most common question for any session is “What should I wear?” What you wear for your photos is very important! Here are a few tips to look your best.

Dress Mom First

I usually have the Mom of the family or the person booking pick out an outfit that makes them feel great, and then pick outfits for the rest of the family that coordinate well. Lay them out on a bed or couch, and make sure they all coordinate well, and no outfit predominately stands out or is distracting.

Chose flattering Colors

You want to chose a color pallet of colors that harmonize well and flatters everyone in your family, but isn’t too bright or distracting. You also want to avoid bold patterns that could draw attention away from the family.

Avoid Logos and Writing

Logos or writing on clothing can be very distracting, so I highly recommend avoiding these things. Usually the family is posed in a way that most logos and writing end up being partially covered or cropped, so it’s best not to wear these items for your session.

Match Styles

While colors don't need to match, make sure clothing styles match. (i.e. all should be casual, or all should be formal, etc.)

Should We Wear Neutrals?

Having the family wear neutrals is sometimes the easiest way to coordinate outfits, and can looking amazing. But keep in mind what looks best on your family. On some people neutrals colors can make them look washed out, and if it’s not something you would usually wear it may not capture the character of your family.

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