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"Timing is Everything: When is the Best Time for Newborn Photography?"

Across the board professionals in the newborn photography industry recommend having baby’s newborn photos taken within the first two weeks because this is ideal. But there’s no need to despair if that time has passed, as older newborns can have beautiful sessions also.

The Significance of the Two-Week Time-frame

After about two weeks newborns start to be more alert and less sleepy. They also start to stretch more, and they might not want to be as scrunchy for all of the adorable newborn poses seen on my website. Photographers also really want to catch that brand new baby for you. They change so much even during those first weeks, I don’t want you to miss that stage.

What About Older Newborns?

Are newborn sessions possible for a baby past two weeks old? Of course they are! I love the scrunchy fresh newborn sessions with young babies, but there is also something very special about an older newborn also. Just keep in mind that they don’t always do the typical newborn poses, and there may be more images where baby needs to be swaddled to be happy and calm. But we also might get those eyes open, which we don’t typically get with a younger newborn.

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