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What If my Child Doesn’t Cooperate for Photos - Delaware Childrens Photographer

Some children quickly smile for photos. As soon as that camera is up to why eye they look into the camera and give me a big old smile. It’s a beautiful thing when this happens! More often than not your child might not smile on command, and may be a little camera shy. So what do we do if your child doesn’t want to smile or cooperate?

Make the Session Fun & Playful

Many children are a little camera shy, and don’t want to smile on command so we make the session as fun as possible! I’ve worked with children for my whole photography career, and I get it. I encourage parents to relax, and be playful along with me, as children tend to pick up on tension. We sing songs. We blow bubbles. We say silly words. We talk princesses and dinosaurs. I engage with them about their friends, school, and what they like to do. This tends to put little ones at ease, and they relax and we get great joyful expressions!

Capturing True Personality

There are some children who are a little more serious and we just won’t get a ton of big toothy grins. And, you know what, I love these images just as much. And 9 times out of 10, the parents agree. Nobody wants forced smiles that can be a little awkward. The goal is always to capture your child’s true personality, who they are at this stage in their life. Sometimes this means that big smiles just aren’t them right now, and that’s okay. Capturing their little attitudes or getting common expression is more authentic, and you will cherish these images as a memory of your child at this stage in their life.

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